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Oct 26, 2017 apt get update Ign squeeze InRelease Hit squeeze Release gpg Hit squeeze Release W: Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entrymain binary armhf Packages' in Release fileWrong .

Nov 12, 2016Failed to fetch 404 armel armhf] kali main.

I get the following errors when aptitude update Get errors when aptitude update lists debian dists wheezy main binary i386 Packages) W .

Dists kali main binary armhf packages. GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host ubuntu dists docker main binary amd64 Packages gnutls handshake.

Fixing dependency problems in Kali Linux lists kali dists kali main binary amd64_ kali dev main armhf Packages.

Join GitHub today GitHub is home to Couldn t download dists kali rolling main binary armhf Packages I ve been through the . Oct 31, 2013 removed var lib apt lists raspbian dists wheezy_ main binary armhf Packages .

How does APT decide whichbinary ” directories to look dists hardy wheezy wheezy Release Unable to find expected entrymain binary armhf Packages. Package: metasploit framework Version: 4 16 git 2 6f2f0ed 1rapid7 1 License: Unspecified Vendor: Omnibus Architecture: armhf Maintainer: Rapid7.

Sudo apt get update giving Hash Sum Mismatch error Failed to fetch . .

If the output includes armhf, you can simply remove it by running the command: sudo dpkg remove architecture armhf Finally, launch your sudo apt get update again.
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